Hack Africa against
the COVID-19 Crisis

14 - 16 May 2020

COVID-19 can hit Africa hard if we don't act. More than ever, we need creative solutions to help governments and communities tackle the virus.

Join the Hack

3 weeks ideation & 3 days hacking

Converting creative and practical ideas into actionable prototypes.

Challenges to hack

How do we streamline essential services?

During this time we need a better coordination and management systems for essential services.
e.g. Health, water supply, electricity

How do we help businesses survive lock-downs and an economic downturn?

Businesses are heavily effected by a lock-down and economic down-turn that may follow the pandemic.

How do we enable education to continue?

Improving coverage of distance education or e-learning services in communities with low digital penetration.

How it works

There are 3 simple rules:

The proposed idea can be inspired by an existing solution. However, your prototyped solution must be innovative and original. i.e. not presented earlier by someone else.

The prototype should take into account conditions in average sub-saharan countries, where limited access to stable digital services and dense living conditions are common.

Coming up with a real solution is the goal of this challenge. Thus the prototype must be practical and require a short amount of time to be put into the market.

Mentors & Jury

Procedure and timeline

April 21

Ideate on a creative solution that can tackle one of the three presented challenges. Form your team, we encourage creating a cross-boarder or cross continent team. You may use the channels at hackafrica2020.slack.com or hack Africa facebook page to find other member or to join a team.

April 21

Online registration form opens. Ideation and discussions on Slack continues.

May 14-16

Solving the challenges with your team and creating a prototype of the solution. Mentors will be available to provide guidance.

May 16

Closing session and winner announcement.

May 18
- May 22

African Innovation Week and HackAfrica promote the winning prototypes through their channels by inviting public and private sectors, NGOs and investors to meet the winning teams.

May 23

Winning teams meet organizations and investors interested in the prototypes to lay the ground for converting the prototype into a tangible product.

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